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In the late 1980s, John and Bonnie Nystrom came alongside several men from Arop village in Papua New Guinea to translate the Bible into the local language. But a decade later, a massive tsunami took the lives of many in Arop village, including one of the translators.

Wycliffe Bible Translators is proud to present this short film about the Nystrom family and the sacrifice, teamwork and faith of the Aitape West Translation Project team in the face of tragedy. We encourage you to set aside an evening to watch it with your family, or share it with your church and other members of your community. Grab a cup of coffee or some popcorn and enjoy this film together! And don’t forget to download the accompanying discussion questions so your group can further engage with the Arop story.

Visit wycliffe.org/arop for more information about the film and translation project.

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We’re thrilled to introduce our latest video—Portrait of Bible Translation!

Bible translation takes more than just translators. It’s a team effort, and many service roles are in areas you would probably never expect. Watch this video to find out how God can use you to reach people with His Word. And if you believe Bible translation takes a diverse team, please share the video with your friends!


Visit wycliffe.org/go to find your place in Bible translation.

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Manjak Bible translators and literacy specialists in Senegal work in partnership to ensure that when the translation is finished, the Manjak people will be able to understand it and apply the Gospel to their lives.

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More than two decades ago, leaders from the Dibiyaso language group of Papua New Guinea (PNG) asked SIL* to send someone to start a Bible translation in their language. But with hundreds of similar needs all around PNG, no one was available to help!

Finally, this January a decision was made to begin a cluster project in the Bamu River region of PNG that will help the Dibiyaso and four neighboring languages get God’s Word.

Cluster projects like this one are becoming increasingly popular because of the way they share resources across multiple languages, helping communities take ownership of their own projects and complete translations sooner.

To learn more about this exciting approach to Bible translation, check out this video about a project that’s already well underway.

Please join us in praying for the hundreds of remaining translation needs in PNG—that God would continue to open new doors of opportunity like cluster projects so everyone can experience the blessing of God’s Word!

*Wycliffe’s primary strategic partner

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Enjoy a message from Bob and Dallas Creson about the substantial progress Wycliffe saw in 2013, thanks to the generosity of our faithful donors.


Bob and Dallas 2013 Christmas Greeting from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

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By Wycliffe USA

God is raising up local people all around the world to help do Bible translation in their own languages. Here’s the story of a few men in Papua New Guinea who are doing just that.

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Introducing the 2013–2014 Gift Catalog, featuring opportunities to bypass the Christmas craze and give a gift with eternal impact. In honor of Giving Tuesday, check out the video below with dozens of exciting opportunities to give translated Scripture and transform lives!

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