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Manjak Bible translators and literacy specialists in Senegal work in partnership to ensure that when the translation is finished, the Manjak people will be able to understand it and apply the Gospel to their lives.

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More than two decades ago, leaders from the Dibiyaso language group of Papua New Guinea (PNG) asked SIL* to send someone to start a Bible translation in their language. But with hundreds of similar needs all around PNG, no one was available to help!

Finally, this January a decision was made to begin a cluster project in the Bamu River region of PNG that will help the Dibiyaso and four neighboring languages get God’s Word.

Cluster projects like this one are becoming increasingly popular because of the way they share resources across multiple languages, helping communities take ownership of their own projects and complete translations sooner.

To learn more about this exciting approach to Bible translation, check out this video about a project that’s already well underway.

Please join us in praying for the hundreds of remaining translation needs in PNG—that God would continue to open new doors of opportunity like cluster projects so everyone can experience the blessing of God’s Word!

*Wycliffe’s primary strategic partner

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Enjoy a message from Bob and Dallas Creson about the substantial progress Wycliffe saw in 2013, thanks to the generosity of our faithful donors.


Bob and Dallas 2013 Christmas Greeting from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

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By Wycliffe USA

God is raising up local people all around the world to help do Bible translation in their own languages. Here’s the story of a few men in Papua New Guinea who are doing just that.

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Introducing the 2013–2014 Gift Catalog, featuring opportunities to bypass the Christmas craze and give a gift with eternal impact. In honor of Giving Tuesday, check out the video below with dozens of exciting opportunities to give translated Scripture and transform lives!

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In honor of Bible Translation Day, we’re debuting a brand new video!

Learn how the Bible transforms people’s lives when it’s written in a language they can clearly understand, and discover how many language groups are still waiting for their own translation.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Earlier this year, Ivan and Jesse Dishman attended Wycliffe’s new missionary training and told the story of how they decided to serve God in Papua New Guinea. We enjoyed hearing it so much that we wanted to share it:

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By Elizabeth Wilson, short-term trip coordinator for Wycliffe USA

This week I have the privilege of representing Wycliffe at Liberty University’s semi-annual Global Focus Week. As I walk through DeMoss Hall, I’m drawn to the vivid pictures of people from other countries, pieces of bright ethnic fabric, and statistics of how many people haven’t yet heard the Gospel.

libertyIt reminds me of a similar experience I had as a college freshman several years ago at the Urbana student missions conference.

There, I heard that more than two thousand* people groups did not have access to God’s Word in their language, and I began to ask God how I could be involved in His mission around the world. I wanted to go overseas as soon as possible, but my elementary education degree required four more years of school.

I thought about a quote from Jim Elliot, a missionary who was killed in South America in the mid-50s. “Wherever you are, be all there,” he had said.

God hadn’t told me “go” just yet. He had placed me in college to be “there” in college.elizabeth2

I joined an Indian graduate student association group at my school so that I could be around people who were different from me. To my surprise, I made close Indian friends who taught me their language and culture and helped prepare me to interact with a variety of religious backgrounds once I arrived in India, down the road.

I also volunteered at my church’s ESL (English as a Second Language) program during the school year, and I interned with a missions group in Southall, London, during summer breaks. All the while, God was confirming my desire to work with people in India.

When I heard about someone who was translating Bible stories for oral and nomadic people groups in North India, I eventually got connected to Wycliffe Bible Translators, where I have been serving for the last ten years.

I started out in South Asia, translating stories from Scripture for a people group tucked away in the Himalayan Mountains (see the video below). It was a dream come true to watch God’s Word reach people who had never had it in their language. After three years there, I started speaking at colleges, and then served as a story-translator consultant for different regions.

Today I coordinate short-term trips (called “Discovery trips”) so that others can get a glimpse of God’s Work through Bible translation around the world. I continue to ask for God’s help to be “all there” no matter where I live, or what I do.

Looking back, I believe that my college years were the primer for my life’s engine to take off. The energy and passion I had were not wasted, and those experiences have had significant impact on who I have become and what I am doing now.


My advice to college students considering a life of following God, whether or not that includes overseas work, is to invest deeply in exploring avenues and adventures around you. From short-term trips, to summer internships, to local church outreach, to praying for Bibleless people groups—get involved. Do it now. And while you’re at it, give it your all.

“You will never regret your choice (to serve God). It is wonderful to be free to pour out all, every drop of one’s life; and that is what you have done and are doing. No, you will never regret it, never.” —Amy Carmichael (missionary to India)

*Today the number has dropped below two thousand! Learn more here.

Telling Stories in South Asia
Spend a day with Elizabeth as she helps South Asian Christians translate Bible stories into their own languages in this video:

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David Bowden is a spoken word poet who recently witnessed a translation project happening in India. This poem is about his experience there. Find out more information at EndBiblePoverty.org, an initiative of our partner The Seed Company.


Trouble viewing this video? Click here to watch it at its original source on YouTube.

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This summer you can take advantage of a special matching gift opportunity. When you give to our First Words to Final Printing campaign, your gifts up to $175,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to committed Wycliffe partners who want to help bring God’s Word to the Bibleless!

Listen to Russ Hersman, Wycliffe USA’s COO, tell about the opportunity in this video:

Go to www.wycliffefirstwords.com to learn more!

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