Roseline is a young woman from Cameroon who lost both her parents and entered prostitution to support herself. Watch how she ultimately found hope, freedom and forgiveness in Jesus through God’s Word.

Wycliffe Women of the Word seeks to create a community of women who are passionate about improving the lives of marginalized women and children around the world through the translated Word of God. Join us to learn what God’s Word says about bringing hope, healing and wholeness that is found in the transforming power of Scripture. Roseline’s story is included in Week Two of “Hope Through the Word,” a free, four-week Bible study for women. Learn more about getting a copy of the study at wycliffe.org/women.

Emery Lambert

As part of my internship with Wycliffe USA, I was assigned to work with a professor at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, Texas. I helped write case studies that will be used for discussion in one of the professor’s cross-cultural studies classes. In order to write case studies, I needed to interview people around the International Linguistics Center regarding the time they had spent living cross-culturally. This was an exciting and also slightly intimidating task.

The first person to respond to an interview request was a woman named Rosemary Ross. She graciously agreed to stick around after the end of her shift at the clinic to meet with me. I had prepared some interview questions, but I really had no idea how the interview was going to progress. My first question was simply about where she had served. After that, I don’t remember needing to ask any more questions from my prepared list. She had such a love for and connection with the people she had spent time with, and the stories just flowed.

There were some stories of the struggles and pitfalls of living cross-culturally, but overwhelmingly these were stories of the beauty of individuals and the culture Rosemary had experienced. She clearly saw this people group the way that God sees them. It was so impactful for me to meet with someone who had so much love for God’s people.

As I continued to interview people throughout the summer, I realized that everyone is here because they truly have a heart for people around the world. I will always remember the passion that Rosemary had and what an amazing introduction into the world of missions it was.


Interested in interning with Wycliffe? Check out the ways you can gain real-world experience and college credit while supporting Bible translation around the world at wycliffe.org/serve/internship.


Last year, many exciting things happened all over the world in the work of Bible translation. Wycliffe USA President and CEO Bob Creson reports on the Bible translation progress we made during 2015. You’ll be encouraged to see the ways that you and others are impacting the world with God’s Word through partnership with Wycliffe. And be sure to check out wycliffe.org/year-in-review!

Trauma Healing

When you check the news these days, you probably notice a lot of heavy words like war, bombing, shooting, rape, disaster, AIDS, slaves and terrorism, to name a few. People all over the world are suffering.

As Christians, we know God wants to heal people’s hurts. But how can we help them find that healing when the hurt runs so deep? And how can we find it ourselves?

“Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help” was written to help people just like these. Using stories, key Scripture passages and core mental health principles, the book guides group leaders and participants through the difficult stages of healing from deep traumas.

The book is often used in places like the Central African Republic, where many are dealing with the effects of war and violence. But it’s also changing lives on city streets right here in the U.S.

To learn more about the book or purchase a copy of it yourself, visit our online shop at shop.wycliffe.org.


It’s only January, but summer will be here before you know it. If you’re looking for a vacation Bible school program that not only teaches kids about God but also more about the world, we’ve got just the thing!

“Summer Around the World” is a five-day program where kids get to travel the world with Kate — a Wycliffe missionary kid — and her best friend, Mack. Each day focuses on one of the five regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. Kids will learn about languages and cultures, meet characters from different countries, play international games, make unique crafts, and so much more.

Most importantly, they’ll learn how much God loves his children, no matter what language they speak.

Sign up for this free downloadable program today.

Four young men kneel in prayer as part of a youth drama at church about the importance of prayer

Four young men kneel in prayer as part of a church youth drama about the importance of prayer


We live in a big world. But today, more than any other time in history, we are able to know what’s happening in every corner of the world by turning on a television or clicking a button on the computer. And as we do, we’re able to pray specifically and intentionally for those areas.

This month we asked several missionaries to share prayer requests for the parts of the world where they work. Join us in praying for these three countries and one region this month: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Papua New Guinea, the United States and Asia.


Name: Jon Hampshire
Years with Wycliffe: 27
Current role: Communications coordinator for SIL Eastern Congo Group

We asked Jon how we could best pray for the Congo right now. Here’s what he said:

  • Pray that churches in Congo would continue to have a renewed and increased interest in having God’s Word available in the heart languages of the people. In order to help make this happen, these churches are taking greater initiative and ownership in the Bible translation task. Pray that Congolese church leaders would have wisdom and guidance from the Lord regarding what their roles should be in the work.
  • Pray for Congolese Christians who are helping others to deal with the trauma that has affected them so deeply. This advancement in Bible translation is set against the backdrop of security concerns that have lingered for more than 20 years in Congo.Many people have been traumatized by war, assault, death and destruction.
  • Pray that the recently completed translations (several New Testaments and one complete Bible) will be quickly published, dedicated and distributed into the hands of the speakers. Pray that God’s Word will transform hearts and communities in Congo.

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Name: Joe Armfield, Sr.
Years with Wycliffe: 11
Current role: Staff resource associate

We asked Joe how we could best pray for PNG right now. Here’s what he said:

  • Pray that missionaries working in Ukarumpa will continue to have a positive impact with nationals who live in the villages nearby.
  • There has been an extreme drought condition for the past several months, and many nationals lost food because their gardens dried up. Pray that the rainy season will quickly help alleviate this situation.
  • Pray that God will bring more workers to PNG. Ukarumpa has a big need for finance workers, teachers, computer specialists and, of course, translators and literacy workers.
  • This past year, the 200th translation in PNG was completed and celebrated! However, there are approximately 200 other languages with no active translations in process. Pray that these languages would be reached for God’s glory.


United States

Name: Aileen Agoncillo
Years with Wycliffe: Almost 14
Current role(s): Associate director of church partnerships; Asia liaison for Wycliffe News Network for Wycliffe Global Alliance

We asked Aileen how we could best pray for the U.S. right now. Here’s what she said:

  • Pray for the ability to effectively facilitate partnerships with churches throughout the United States as they seek to meaningfully engage with people groups that need Scripture in their own languages.
  • Psalm 96:3 says, “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does” (NLT). Pray for the teams of people who help communicate the work of Bible translation to others. Pray that God will be glorified and churches will want to get involved when they hear how Bible translation is impacting people’s lives.



Name: Melinda Lyons
Years with Wycliffe: 34
Current role: Prayer coordinator for SIL Asia and the Pacific

We asked Melinda how we could best pray for Asia right now. Here’s what she said:

  • Pray for visa access for those wanting to work in various countries across Asia. Several countries are tightening visa restrictions for foreigners, especially ones involved in anything religious, and some countries are experiencing political uncertainties that make them want to limit foreigners in the country. Pray for openness to live and work where the needs are great.
  • Pray for spiritual encouragement for the people working in locations that are very remote and where there are few Christians for fellowship. In some locations there are no known believers, while in others there are only a handful. Pray that God will provide the necessary spiritual refreshment for each individual.

Did you enjoy this article? To get more, sign up to become a part of our prayer team! Every two weeks we’ll supply you with specific prayer requests for projects, people groups, countries and more.

Photo credit: Heather Pubols

DSCN1710“The urgency to give the Bible to the people is high. We are committed to make sure we aren’t making the remaining people groups wait too long,” says Wycliffe Togo Director, Antonin Azoti. “In order to make it happen, we can’t do it the same way we did 30 years ago. These days it’s quite unthinkable that we would carry out Bible translation without the proper technology. But a lack of equipment is holding us back.”

Wycliffe Togo staff shares available computers, taking shifts to do their work online. This leads to delayed communication and a slowed workflow. Antonin’s goal is to provide the head of each department — Accounting, IT, Communications and Human Resources — with a computer and have 2-3 additional machines for department staff and volunteers to share.

Because budgets are tight, the organization relies on volunteer workers, but the lack of technology also makes it difficult to recruit volunteers. Antonin explains, “The minimum that we can provide volunteers who are willing to give of their time, is a computer to use when they are serving Wycliffe. In our country tablets and computers are not yet widespread. You can’t count on the person to have their own.”

IMG_0485On a visit to Wycliffe USA headquarters in November, Antonin received a stock of refurbished laptops and tablets from the IT department — including several donated through Wycliffe’s “Donate Your Stuff” program. When packing up the devices for his flight home, Antonin shared, “Thank you! To take these back is a great encouragement to the team! We’ve been praying for a time when not having enough equipment won’t be a challenge anymore. These donations contributed to bringing about such a time.”

Please consider donating your unused electronics to Wycliffe. We can turn them into financial support for Bible translation, and in some cases we can send the items to translation projects with technology needs. To learn more, visit Wycliffe.org/donateyourstuff or call 1-800-992-5433.

UPDATE: We are deeply saddened to learn that Antonin’s wife, Adakouvi Grace, passed away on Jan. 15 while traveling to Benin. Please join us in prayer for Antonin and their two children during this immensely difficult time.


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